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Relationship talk

3 Things Marriage Is Not

Marriage is not a wedding. It is a decision to have a partner to assist in pursuing your goal. 3 rule that guides successful marriage are spelled out in the pictures below. Marriage that last Written by Counselor Adofoli What marriage is about? Ladies, it is a good thing to marry a man with a …

Churches Will Be Abandon If Revival Tarries 2
60s Devotional

Churches Will Be Abandon If Revival Tarries

We have a generation of ministers who have heard the call to preach without ever hearing the call to pray. They have forgotten the word only edifies when prayer is communicating to God.  Without communication with God, with you have is not God-given knowledge but information. If your prayer life suffers, sooner or later you …

Download Evangelism By Fire by Reinhard Bonnke 5

Download Evangelism By Fire by Reinhard Bonnke

Evangelism By Fire by Reinhard Boonke Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke popular evangelism explained the concept of evangelism in the book titled evangelism by fire. There is something he got to understand, your hunger drives you to the street to preach the gospel to the unsaved. Download this book now and enjoy!!! Reinhard bonnke evangelism by fire …

155 Names Of God In The Bible 6
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155 Names Of God In The Bible

Have you praised God today? There are more than 155 names of God by which God is called.Just call these names,don’t Stop 1. Wonderful2. Counsellor3. Prince of Peace4. Eternal Rock of Ages5. King of Glory 6. Mighty God7. King of kings8. Lord of lords9. Lord of hosts10. Lilly of the valley11. Healer12. Deliverer13. Provider14. Creator15. …


Watchman Nee – The Spiritual Man pdf

CONTENTS Part ONE: INTRODUCTION ON SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY1 Spirit, Soul and Body 252 Spirit and Soul 353 The Fall of Man 474 Salvation 59 Part TWO:THE FLESH1 The Flesh and Salvation 752 The Fleshly or Carnal Believer 913 The Cross and the Holy Spirit 1034 The Boastings of the Flesh 1175 The Believer’s Ultimate …