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I Help Approve Google Adsense In 72hours

I have been assisting people from all over the globe in getting their Google AdSense account set up. I applied for Google AdSense and was rejected more than 5 times. Some other time it takes 3 good months for Google to reject me. It was so annoying and embarrassing. I started doing research on Google …

Trusting in God

Trusting In God Bible Study (2019)

Meaning of trust in God and Jesus The articulation trust in Jesus holds multi-layered significance. In one sense, confiding in Jesus implies having confidence in Him for salvation (John 3:16). We trust his identity—God in human structure—and put our confidence in Him as Savior. We additionally accept what He has done—that He passed on for …

60s Devotional

Your Life Must Glorify God

A Call To Be Holy Do not let anyone fool you by their empty talk. It is because people do these wrong things that God is very angry. He is angry with the people who do not obey him. Ephesians 5:6 BWE Do not let anyone fool you by their empty talk… Today what we …