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A Cry For Personal Revival

  • We have a generation of ministers who have heard the call to preach without ever hearing the call to pray.

They have forgotten the word only edifies when prayer is communicating to God. 

Without communication with God, with you have is not God-given knowledge but information. If your prayer life suffers, sooner or later you will start teaching heresies.
The search for wisdom is a step to destruction. Christians shouldn’t search for wisdom; all they should do is communicate with God.
God in his mercies may decide to reveal mysteries to you or not.
  • We have a generation of ministers who think they have received their commission without ever first being consecrated.

My generation wants to perform healing, raise the dead, make the lame walk and all they desire is power but they forget. There is no power outside knowing God’s will. 

Power automatically comes when you get hungry for God. The more you tarry in the secret place the more grace to unveil dimensions of power is released to you.

We have a generation of ministers who have been ordained by men, who have never had God lay hands on them.

For God to lay hands on you means, he seeks him before and during ministry always. 

God lay hands on you when you have him as a father and not one Godfather as the dictator.

  • We have a generation of ministers who crave the platform and have never spent time in a prayer room.

Benny Hinn said I spent at least 4 hours in my secret place before going to any pulpit to preach.
Joshua Selman said I move from my secret place directly to the ministration ground.
Arome Osayi said for more than 30 days, I never set my eyes on a mere mortal. I didn’t see any human because I was pressing.
E.A Adeboye says I pray 1 – 3 am daily rounding the camp auditorium at least twice every Convention.

Today you see young minister seeking auction without going to their secret place first. 

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A Cry For Personal Revival By Gbile Akanni 

  • We have a generation of ministers who are addicted to pornography and ALLERGIC to holiness.

For without Hoiness it is impossible to see God.

We desperately need REVIVAL and AWAKENING, but it must start in the House of God with ministers!
In the words of the great Scottish revival preacher Robert Murray McCheyene, “The congregations greatest need is my PERSONAL HOLINESS, NOT my GIFTS and TALENTS.”
Oh that we had more ministers like this man!
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