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Do You Know Curses Can Be Broken?

Curses Exist And Can Be Broken

Curses at real and are in existence.
Curses have jeopardized and made humans like worthless.
Curses have limited God work In the life of Ruben in the Bible (Gen 49:1-10)

Until God decided to have mercy a cursed person cannot have his situation changed.

Curses can only be broken by God’s mercy

Until the curse is broken a crown cannot be worn.
Crowns can only be received when curses are broken
Curses create a separation between man and his destiny.
Curses prevent blessing.

Let me tell you a story
There was a young man who was cursed by his parents many years ago. He is now a grown-up man with good grade from the University.
He started looking for a job, he always top the list of all interviews he attends.  Yet he will still be rejected with no reason.
He has good grades but lives like an ant who feeds from hand to man because of a curse..
Curses are bad. If your table must be turned around that curse must be broken.

How To Break Curses

There is hope for any cursed. Many people have been cursed but it was broken.

Jabez was cursed and at age 40, he was tired and fought to break it. The way he broke it was he cried out in prayer to God. He prayed like Jacob in Genesis 32:20-30 saying I won’t let you go if you don’t bless me.

If you want your curse to be broken pray, believe and act.

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When you pray and do not believe that the name of Jesus can break curses then there will be no fruit.

Also when you pray and believe but do not act by claiming it and going out to do what you had been failing to do then your situation won’t change.

Your curses can be broken if you can pray, believe and act.

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