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If he loves your soul, by now, he would have taught you how to heal the sick when he is not around.
If your prophet loves you, he would have also taught you how to prophesy …
If he really cares about your spiritual advancement, he would have taught you how to make a decree and it will come to pass.
If he is the only one manifesting in that church, there is a question mark on that ground.
Someone just gave his life to Christ and the first assignment your pastor gave him was to go and close his bank account and bring all the money as seeds.
And you are still wasting time asking God if you are in the right place.
If he still loves souls, he will give you assignment how to go for evangelism and win souls
Don’t surrender your spiritual life under a place where everyone gathers to watch one gymnastic preacher.
As if he is a masquerade.
At the end of every service, nothing of Lay up your treasure is being imparted into you.
Will you not like to see God using you to settle DEMONIC issues around you?…
Will you not like native doctors to see you and run away?…
Will it not be good for you to lay hands on your sick mother and she will recover
If they are not teaching you Deep Secret On Growing In Faith, they are preparing you to groan
And the more you groan the more you need them.
And the more you need them, the more they dupe you.

RUN from there.

If you join secret cults, the first assignment they give you might be to go and rape ladies in the school hostel or to rob business women early in the morning.
It is called ‘hit’.

To some, the first assignment they were given was to go lay an ambush against some of the enemies of their confraternities.
Either to kill them or to give them wounds.
And they dare not refuse

Because of that, some of them will go inside the bush and be learning how to shoot guns for the first time.
The first time one of my elder brothers caught me with mask and an ass where I hid it in our house years back, was when I was preparing to go for a ‘bloody operation in the neighbourhood.
I needed to do a neat job that will leave no trace.
When a demon possessed is newly initiated, she is given an the assignment to cause a newly married girl to miscarry her pregnancy.
Miami Water preaches commitment before Money.
That’s why little girls of 9years who have been initiated dare not miss their meetings in the high sea every night.
Ogboni Secret Confraternity preachers sacrifices before power.
That is why they bring out particular rooms in their big mansions nobody else enters, even their lovely wives.

But when someone gives his life to Christ in my generation, some of my generation of pastors will give him assignment to go and pray 7days for God to win big contracts .

Not to grow in power.
Not to grow in love.
Not to grow in the place of intercession and prayer.

If this was the kind of gospel they preached to Papa Uma Ukpai, he would not have gone to look for God.
In praying and fasting, for years before God have him massive healing anointing.
If this was how Late Benson Idahosa was raised, he would not have grown spiritually enough to stop the meeting of the witches in the world from meeting in Benin City, Nigeria.
The gospel that is lacking in our time is the gospel of “sacrifice and self abandonment…”

That is why we don’t see miracles happening in the hands of our members.
It is only when the Papa or Mama releases a word that miracles happens.
Thousands of powerless members are all waiting for the prophet or bishop to make a decree.
Brother, run away from such church this year.
They are teaching you how to remain small on this journey.
Your mate who is a secret cultist has been taught how to disappear when he goes for bloody operations.
And he has started paying demonic prices to get to that level.
While you are still busy throwing money on the feet of your pastor.
If he is not happy that you are reading this, be careful, he might be one of the pastors that are after your money and not your soul.
There is a demonic bird that needs to hear your voice and stop coming around your business premises .
There is an occultic tree that needs to see your shadow this year and dry up from its root.
There are ancient financial emerges that needs to melt away once you appear.
This year, there are people God will bring your way to heal of cancer and other sicknesses.
When will you get tired of being punctual and regular in all these Nollywood And African Magic churches where you come back only with stories of what your pastor did.
And after many years, nobody has ever heard what God used you to do?
When will you begin to prophesy to your family?
Will you not love to take your place in this end time move of God’s power that has begun to break out hear and there?…
Do you think you still need that church where they entertain you with prophecies from morning till night…
Without teaching you how to be a prophet on your own?…
People’s eyes are beginning to open…
Men are now looking for a place where they will be aligned into what God is doing in our time …
Don’t be the only child of God that is not growing this year…
Don’t be among those that will still be found somewhere watching a particular man of God in his church, as cinema every Sunday…
While God is waiting for you to grow and begin to manifest the supernatural…
Even where you are now reading this is enough to ask God to help you…
So that you don’t waste your days on earth in spiritual foolishness…
You have already wasted enough time chasing after things that should have been chasing after you…
By now, you should have started manifesting your gift of healings and prophecies …
Can you pray to God and mean it…
For Him to lead you to a place where you will grow into that spiritual giant He showed you in your dream?…
Can you ask Him to forgive you of all the days you were wasting looking for men of God when you should have been looking for Him?…
Can you promise Him that this year, you will pay the price to manifest every prophecy that has been hanging on your head from birth…
If your prophet can prophesy from the pulpit, you too can prophesy from your sitting room.
God can still start showing you things before they happen…
He is ready to start using you from now…
But are you ready to pay this price this year?…
We will hear your story …
Let us pray!…

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