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A Cry For Personal Revival

All You Need Is Personal Revival

Sometimes you cry but you only cry for people who can give you empty sympathy because they can’t solve your problems.

The main person who can solve our problems is Jesus. Your outward appearance may be okay but you know truly that your heart is far away.

I have been attending church for several years and preaching times without number but I have not seen a man beating his wife in the sanctuary.

I notice men that quarrels with the wife at home and when they are about to enter the church they started smiling at each other and worship God throughout forgetting everything but immediately the Pastor share the grace the husband will say in the car, what are we talking about do you think i have forgotten?

If it is outward appearance there will be no problem with such but the Lord try the heart of men.

I am asking you what is the situation of your secret life, where are you in your inner man, where are you in your spirit.

When the people of Jericho cried that the water is bad and there is nothing in the land. The moment they cried it became settled.

You may be asking why is it that my problem has lingered for many years, it may be because you have not cried, you are just planning to be a very religious man perfected in covering up your problems.

It could also be all you fussing up and down, you have not told the truth of the actual matter.

You may take 20 years to cover up but the day you decide to open then that when the answers will come.

You may have impregnated a woman somewhere and for 20years you cover it from your wife and children, your children didn’t know that they have a junior brother somewhere.

You cover up so that nobody will suspect you are not doing well.
For 20 years my friend, God will not take you seriously, for 20 years your services will be wasted and irrelevant.

When a man decides to respond to God immediately God will respond.

When the man of God was about to respond to the situation at Jericho, he went to the source.

Sometimes you may be business fighting the leaves when you ought to combat the source.
Every man’s life has a beginning.
Every problem has a beginning

Unless you get to the spring you will not get the solution on time.

Anytime you are crying for restoration, God asks, take me to where the matter started.

If not because the water is bad we are people that people should be borrowing from.

There is a force that can resolve all situation when we cry for personal revival, it is called the force of the Holy Spirit

God is saying this moment when you hear his voice, harden not your heart.

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An excerpt from A Cry For Personal Revival  by Gbile Akanni

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