How To Overcome Your Challenges

God is still in the business of visiting his children.

I had a vision with you about God telling me of evil that is/will/has happening/happened in our primes.

Answer a YES/NO to this questions.
Are you seeing darkness in your life?
Are you witnessing suffering?
Are you seeing pains?
Are you having setbacks?
Do you feel like giving up living?
Do you feel like it is over?
If you pick NO kindly scroll down and move on to our next article.
If your answer’s is YES to any of the above questions then this article is meant for you.
The question people ask is why am I experiencing this challenge(s)?
I think this is not the right question to ask. Why?
When you ask questions like this,  it leads to depression and self condemnation.
You cannot put yourself together when you feel condemned and depressed.
What is the right question then?
The right questions should be how do I overcome and live above my challenges?

I will share how I overcame my challenges even while in school, I call this the principle of rising above all challanges.

What is prime?

Prime means the days when men suppose to see your glory and manifestation. It is a time when you are about to excel and succeed.
Let us rephrase the topic how to overcome your challenges In this my prime, rising above all situations.
Many preachers have told many there is nothing like evil this days, nothing like darkness. I have met some that tells you there is no suffering this days because Christ has died for all. They are right because they don’t seems to experience it but there is some secret they are not sharing on how they overcome their challenges.

2 Corinthians 12:10 | AMP
[10]Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches,  necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.

How can someone be strong when he is weak?

Are you thinking of an answer?

It is not that he is strong physically but he is strong mentally and psychologically.

Paul said I take pleasures In these things (suffering)

·         The first step to overcoming your problems is first recognising you are facing trial and challanges.

I am not asking you to fear or panic, just accept or recognize it.

When you recognize you have a problem either of these two things happen automatically, they are:

  • ·         You fear.
  • ·          You just smile, move on and say I am victorious.

Can I continue?
When you experience fear, it means:

  • ·          You are not yet prepared.
  • ·         You don’t have enough word of God inside you to sustain you in this prime of your time.
  • ·         You don’t believe in the word inside of you.

Anything that points to your strength brings fear while faced with trials and tribulations.

When you experience joy even in challenges, it means:

  • ·         You got enough word of God inside of you to sustain you throughout your challenges.
  • ·         You believe in what you read in the word of God.
  • ·         You understood the principle of rising above challenges in your prime.

 What is the principle of rising above challenges?

it not that I don’t have problems but it is that those problems are not real.

Biblical evidence of the principle of rising above challenges

John 16:33 | AMP
[33]These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.
Let us divide John 16:33 into sections for better understanding

John 16:33
[33] a) These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. b) In the world ye shall have tribulation:  but c) be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

We have now classify this verse into sections.

John 16:33 | section a
These things I have spoken…
Jesus was speaking here. He said all talking I have done:

  • ·         Salvation talks
  • ·         parables
  • ·         Preaching and sermons.

All this talk is for a simple goal which is you may have peace in me.

Note the word might.

Jesus knew even though you are in me and did not understand this principle you can never have peace.

Keep on reading to get a full understanding of the principle of overcoming challanges.

John 16:33 | section b
…In the world you shall have tribulation…
There is different between shall and might.
Might means it is uncertain, it not sure while shall mean it must happen.
John 16:33 | section c
…but be of good cheer…
Jesus was saying take pleasures in suffering, take pleasures in pain, rejoice always even in this challenge of yours.

Jesus was saying the world will bring tribulation to your door, setbacks will come, that colleague at work will frame when you are innocent.

But be of good cheer

Pay attention to this very well that I will say next
Many of us we are of good cheer but even in rejoicing we are getting it wrong.

He didn’t say rejoice because I will give you a solution. He said rejoice because I have overcome the world.

Rejoice because your problems has been overcome.
Rejoice because your challenges has been overcome.

Think on this!!!
If your problem has been overcome before by someone and it is surfacing again:

  • ·         Don’t you think you are fighting a shadow?
  • ·         Don’t you think you are fighting a photocopy?

  • ·         Don’t you think you are fighting an already won battle?

If the real problem was defeated before you, it means you are facing a fake one.

Do you agree with me?

Your challenges is overcome
If your challenges has been overcome by someone, when you go to battle and you are hearing noises yet you see all your enemies dead what do you do?
Will you start fighting dead men?  No
You just pick up the goods and spoil.
And in case that noise increases tell it where it belong.

Tell the noise that it is dead and defeated!!!

What am I implying?
Am I saying your battles are over and won by Christ? Yes

Am I saying you have been fighting shadows?  Yes

So in this you prime when battles want to come up remind it you are dead already, Christ has overcome you!!!

When sickness want to come up remind it you are dead already Christ has overcome you!!!

When poverty want to spring forth what will you tell it?
You are dead already Christ has overcome you!!!

What about if it barrenness, joblessness what will you tell it?
You are dead already Christ has overcome you!!!

What will you tell your challenges now?
Go and take charge over your situation.

How to overcome your challenges

  • ·         Identify the problem.
  • ·         Rest and reduce all anxiety and worries.
  • ·         Narrow the problem and write out the real challenge.
  • ·         Understanding the principle of overcoming challenges.
  • ·         Take action.

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