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Kill Me Or Kill My Weakness

(This is a message you can’t afford to miss – patiently read).

He was a pastor of a local congregation but he had a silent weakness eating up his Spiritual life secretly.
It was the weakness of immorality.
He had tried to overcome the weakness but every effort had proved abortive.
It got to a point where he concluded that nothing could be done about it.
He was still in the ministry, God was using him mightily while his weakness was killing him quietly.
No sister was safe around him; even his “daughters-in-the-Lord” weren’t safe either.
No doubt, he loved God. His desire was to do the work of God genuinely but his weakness had vowed to disgrace his ministry.
One day, an emergency case was brought before him.
He thought it was like one of the usual cases God had been using him to handle.
That particular day, a family had brought their daughter who was misbehaving under Marine influence for deliverance.
The girl was one of those children that were gotten from the river as a result of desperate barren parents visiting strange altars in their quest to have a child.
The “anointed” man of God walked majestically to meet the girl.
Getting close to her she started laughing.
Confused, the pastor started blasting in tongues.
But the more he prayed in tongues, the more the girl’s laughter increased.
At that point the pastor knew he was standing face to face with a demon that meant business.
Quickly he composed himself and yelled at the girl, “COME OUT OF HER IN THE NAME OF JESUS!”
For a moment there was a silence. The girl kept looking at him with an expression of surprise as if to say: “Who is this one telling to come out?”
Then the pastor repeated the command, but this time it was as if he had provoked the spirit in the girl to anger.
Before he could finish his statement, the girl (with a masculine voice at that moment) shouted: “KEEP QUIET!”
“Who are you commanding?!”
Before the pastor could compose himself again, two slaps had landed on his cheeks.
The parents who had brought their child for deliverance were the ones who quickly intervened and rescued the pastor from the hands of their possessed daughter who was ready to devour him.
But before the whole scenario elapsed, the girl made a striking statement to the pastor that is worth noting; she said: “Before you command us next time, make sure you are no longer connected to us – rubbish!”
It was the most embarrassing moment of his life.
He walked away from the church highly disappointed in himself that day; but most importantly, he picked challenge.
That experience had taught him an unforgettable lesson.
I love what the man of God did.
When he left the church that day, he didn’t go to his house to lay at the comfort of his bed, soaking his pillow with tears over what Happened.
Not at all!
The moment he left the church, he ran straight into the bush.
The disgrace he experienced made him to wake up spiritually.
He was ready to wrestle with God and die seeking his face.
The man of God was determined not to return to his community until the Heavens were torn open and a fresh glory descended on him.
He was ready to fast and pray until every iota of weakness had disappeared from him.
As he entered the bush that day, this was his prayer: “Lord! Take away that thing the demon saw in me that made him to treat me like trash!”
“Baba, I rather die than to live the rest of my life at the mercy of the devil!”
“Father, kill my weakness or kill me!”
He wasn’t crying for anointing to command exploit in ministry… He wasn’t asking God to give him prosperity… He wasn’t crying for international connections and helpers.
He was crying for just one thing – CONSECRATION!
To cut long story short, that man of God tarried inside that bush for seven days without food or water.
Exposed to cold, sun and wild animals, he travailed until he secured a visitation from Heaven.
He didn’t do it with his clear eyes, a demon had humiliated him, he had no choice!
By the time he returned from that mountain experience, he sent for that same possessed girl that had humiliated him; when the family of the girl brought her, the girl was still standing from afar when she started screaming.
Her deliverance came by just having eye contact with the pastor.
He didn’t utter any word, the demon jumped out of her!
The glory of God had been restored in the life of the man of God.
No demon from hell can withstand the glory of God…
SIR!!!! Have you fallen?
Has your weakness conquered you???
Have you become a laughing stock before demons???
Has your prayer life died???
Heaven is waiting for you!
Don’t give up on yourself sir.
Don’t give up ma.
There is a restorer that can put back what iniquity has eaten up in your life.
Kai, let me stop here for now!
If you are touched by this message, please don’t just start commenting, hitting the ‘share’ button.
Heaven has orchestrated this day for your freedom.
I hear God say that, “Lost mantles are returning back!”
My brother pray!!! My sister pray!!!
Me myself, I am praying now!

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