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When One Feels Like Giving Up or QuittingWhen You Feel Like Quitting

Truly many times all seems not to be well. When we try to make it failures come back spitting to our faces.

Life is not fair because good things tends to fade away while evil seems to last forever.

Despite how life knock us down there is something in us that provide us with a purpose. This purpose keeps our head up and  keep motivating us to life.
When we discover this purpose we get meaning to life.

It is okay for people to be tired of living. I have seen a lot of people that got tired of living.

It look awkward right?

Actually I am one of those people that got tired of living, it got to a stage that i started thinking of a suicide attempt.

In the course of my little journey I found out the solution for anyone to keep living and never wanting to stop it.

You may ask what did I discover?

What Makes A Man Never To Give Up

I discover what keep me living is purpose. Give a man purpose and He will live up to the task and want to live forever as long as the reason to live remain fresh.

There is only one and true purpose any man can get, it is found in Jesus Christ.

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How To Stop Someone From Giving Up

Today when you see those tired of living and feel like dying, do this three things:

  1. Make them feel loved as this restore hope of being forsaken and forgotten.
  2. Talk to them about their possession that has been lost by them not coming into Christ.
  3. Keep visiting them and praying with them.
  4. Open their eyes to what the word of God says about them.

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    In conclusion

    Winners never quit and quitters never win. So when you feel like quitting or giving up just remember purpose is what drives success.

    Do some evangelism today!!!

    Will you decide to speak to someone today about the word of God?

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