The Absolute Personal Responsibility (APR) Model


Emmanuel Isika

Emmanuel Isika

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The Absolute Personal Responsibility (APR) model – The secret to my growth

In 2020, I made a personal decision to stop the blaming game.

Earlier before then:

💥 I blame the government for my slow education system because those I started with had gotten their bachelor and I haven’t.

💥 I blame my institution for my inability to get an internship. I thought they will connect me to the company and give me a job.

💥 Whenever any bad situation happens to me, I always find someone to put the blame on.

I discovered:

💥 I got comfortable.

💥 I wasn’t growing because I was not to blame and I was the only one failing.

Everything changed when I applied the Absolute Personal Responsibility (APR) model.

A – Absolute
P – Personal
R – Responsibility

I asked myself, how can I turn my problems into opportunities?

Seeking after people that encounters the same problems and overcame them.

I told myself, I can become a success since many had faced this issue and succeeded.

My life changed when I did this.

Apply the APR model and you will be amazed at the degree to which your life will be transformed.