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2 Things That Hinders Grace

I guess this one minute devotion on things that hinder grace should bless someone.

Nothing hinders the flow of Grace like dishonor and familiarity.

Familiarity starts from the heart, it is a delusion that makes one conclude that you have seen all a man represents, because of your access to them. Sometimes standing at vintage points where you can see a man’s weaknesses also makes one conclude that you have seen all that needs to be seen.

An idioms says: Familiarity breeds contempt

Familiarity and abuse of access is a sign that a man’s heart is not disciplined.

Over-familiarity with anointed men causes hindrances to the grace of God

Your gift or charisma may bring you before people, but your character and humility is what will determine if you will always be allowed access to them.

Don’t make those that has been sent to you your bestie, keep them the way it out to be, while you might be granted the privilege of access, avoid dishonor.

Do away with things that hinder our relationship with God

Character is what will always validate impression, mind you, there are not always a second chance to make right impressions


I hope you have learn today on 2 major things that hinder grace.

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