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Gospel Talk

The gospel talk helps build the connection between spirituality and reality. Through the gospel talk, we aim to close the divide that separates a Christian spiritual life and reality (physical life). The gospel talk is a tool that will help Christians live a fulfilled life on earth even as it is in heaven

Tech Africa

The Tech industry has been seen by world-leaders as a way to eradicate global poverty and strengthen the world-economy system. Despite lots of resources, millions of people in Africa are left behind because of the rigidness of information. Tech Africa aims at simplifying information in tech and helping millions kick start their journey into the tech world.

Growth Talk

Growth is the most important success metric. Businesses and individuals evaluate their progress by measuring their growth. Frustration sets in when an entity (business or individual) cannot account for growth. Let’s talk about growth and how you can have a blissful, joyous and fulfilled life.